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Who we are

Turning today’s learners
into tomorrow’s leaders

We at HTS Academy are passionate about learning … big or small we all learn from eachother … learn something everyday.

01. Passion

03. Patience

02. Requirement

04. Listening


Years of experience

putting it at your finger’s tip

Our courses

we do believe in tailor-made courses .. however; there are always some standards courses available for you.

Our facts

small groups learns better … that’s our motto at HTS!

Learning Programmers
Language Trainings

What we can do

At HTS Academy, we can provide yo with a turn-key solutions … withere you are a trainer, student, parent or a normal visitor. we got you covered.


Class rooms rental

we provide a wide range of class rooms with different sizes that can fit your requirements .

Printing serveces

black and white or color ... we have your back covered. best printing quality with a competitive rates.

career training

we provide a specialized training for companies and corporate entities

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33 Shaheen Street | Agouza

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02 374 96 193 | 0100 876 2773 | 0128 047 2927



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